She’s Officially Here. FTM


Hi all! I am late with my post but baby Ava is here. I was due July 14th and she was born on July 17th via induction due to rising blood pressure. This whole pregnancy, I had no issues other than extreme body pains and swollen feet but blood pressure has always been in normal range, no GD, no preeclampsia or anything. I knew I’d go past my due date. I went to my 40 week appointment and was only 1 cm ( which I was since 37 weeks ) and still high. At 40+1, I was sent to do a growth ultra sound due to me doing 40 weeks. Found out she was estimated to be 9lbs and 1 oz 😬. No surprise due to me being born at 9 lbs and 15 oz and my fiancé being 9. After ultrasound, I also found out fluid was on the lower side of normal. Dr said he’d send over my ultrasound right away to my OB due to me having another appointment the next day. At 40+2, I had my appointment and was stilllllll 1 cm. OB was upset because she never go the ultrasound results and had to call for them to send them over and then mad because my fluid was low and my baby was big and she would have sent me to get induced the previous day. She asked how I felt about being Induced after my appointment due to the fluid and plus my blood pressure was 160/91 and it started getting into the 130-140 range that entire week. Any way, agreed to get induced and it was off to the hospital!


The plan was to do Cytotec and the pitocin.

Started Cytotec around 7 pm to help soften me. They said that most first time moms need 3-4 doses and those are inserted vaginally every 6 hours. Let me just say, worse cramps ever. I was literally crying and screaming from the intensity and my fiancé was so upset because around 11, I asked for the IV meds to help and the nurses took almost an hour to bring them. At 12, I had gotten the IV meds and passed out 😂 they told me it would make me drowsy. I woke up at 2, and the meds wore off and was having horrible back to back contractions. Doctor checked me and I was still only 1 cm but pretty softened. I wanted the epidural because I couldn’t take it anymore. They said that I can get it but there’s a chance that it’ll wear off closer to pushing time because I was only 1 cm and had 9 more to go along with a loooonnnnnnng amount of time left.


Got the epidural around 1. And felt so much relief. I passed out again and woke up at 6:30 due to the doctor and nurses coming to check on me to give another round of Cytotec. They checked and I was 4 cm! They said there was no need and they would start me on pitocin shortly. It was then a little after 12 and was checked again. They said that They could feel the bag of water and they broke it. They were going to give me a a couple of hours for pitocin. They wanted to give my body a chance to progress. Let me just say! It progressed alright! At 2 I was feeling pressure down there and it took my doctor awhile to get there but at 3:20 she came in and checked me because the pressure was unbearable and consistent due to the contractions. She was like OH WOW. TIME TO PUSH!


16 minutes of pushing and Ava was here at 3:46pm!

Everyone kept asking if it was my first kid due to me pushing her out under than 2 hours and they said most ftms labor at least 48 hours and I labored for 16.


So glad she’s here! 🤍

Born @3:46 pm

8 lbs and 15 oz