Sexually frustrated

I’ve talked with my husband and told him how I’m always the one asking for sex, he never seems to want to anymore, or just for him to seem like he wants me. We’ve gone through the I’m too tired but he’ll end up just watching porn, which i expressed that it bothered me especially when I’d been asking. Since then he said porn is not a issue anymore (in reality i know he just says this to make me feel better) so i don’t ask. I’ll give it to him most nights he’s tired or I am so I don’t bother or get upset when we are just too tired. We’ve had sex maybe 1 time in the last 2 weeks, and it’s only because I had made a big deal earlier in the week about how I don’t understand why our sex life has just disappeared, and am i not sexy or whatever i was before. Because before it was always having sex. I’m almost 29 weeks pregnant and I know that eventually I probably won’t want to or be able to have sex anymore until after the baby..... another thing we’ve also talked about and he isnt afraid of hurting the baby. Anyways, my husbands been playing video games for the last 5 hours since we’ve come back from our little weekend trip and I told him whenever he was done with his game I had a little surprise. That surprise being me waiting for him in bed in some sexy lingerie, the only thing that has made me feel sexy in a long time. He finally came in our room and said “okay but we have to make it quick so I can go back to play”..... not exactly what I was looking for and just killed the mood entirely. I told him to just go play, but it turned into me being upset that he’s playing? Which isn’t the case at all, I said I didn’t care if he played but he also didn’t say he was gonna shut everything out for the rest of the night, otherwise i wouldn’t have tried. we’re going on 6 almost 7 hours now of playing.... what should I do? I’m so sexually frustrated and feeling unwanted sexually that its frustrating and yes I have talked to him about this before but it’s just not working. I just feel stupid. Any advice?