How are you surviving work?!


Hey guys. So I am 36 weeks pregnant and I work for child services, which is a very stressful job. Not to mention I am fairly new, training the girl that will take my place when I’m gone, and I was just randomly selected to have my cases reviewed. Which is like one of the most stressful things that can happen as a caseworker 😅

ANYWAYS. I feel so stressed all the time and I have 3 doctors appointments a week because of my Gestational Diabetes. HOW ARE YOU SURVIVING THESE LAST FEW WEEKS OF WORK! Is anyone taking their maternity leave early? I don’t want to miss out on anytime with my baby boy- but at the same time I really need to find a way to handle my stress. So far my only solution is to pray for an early delivery hahah

Thank you in advance!