My family is full of homophobes


So I'm a young teen and we're are currently on a vacation at myrtle beach my younger cousin opened his big mouth with a comeback "she's a lesbian" and my uncle thought he was joking and said "dont say things like that" so I felt very uncomfortable then me being an idiot said "well he's not wrong" and I said it 3 times when I should have just shut my mouth and he said insensitive things like "when did you come up with this","what caused you to be this way and asked if my mother knew(which she does I told her a week prior)and my cousin also said something insensitive.were still here for a week and I'm the oldest(child) here so the little ones asked why he wasn't saying anything because he's usually so lighthearted and fun and always joking. Sorry for the rant but can anybody give me advice?