Found my husband cheating on me


I never thought this day would come. My husband bought a Samsung s20 and we took pictures at the beach. He transfer everything from his s8 to the s20. I wanted to show my MIL how the photos came out and I saw a Snapchat from a girl. I thought to myself that he never used Snapchat ever since we got married 3 years ago. But little did I know he has been talking to girls on there. I took photo and videos of the chats. He has “best friends” on there too. I try looking at the saved chats and it clearly states that he is cheating and it go all the way back to the beginning of JAN 2019. He would also try to meet up with girls to have sex with them. And he just recently Snapchat To girls on Friday!!!

This is fucken sad because we have two children together, the youngest is only 3 months old. I trusted him so much and always told myself he would never do such a thing. But now looking back I’m realizing it!!! The times I go up to him and he quickly hide his phone, we are the type to always joke around about “oh you talking to somebody huh” and we just laugh it off. I’m so dumb and slow and never realized it because it put so much trust in him. Now, the trust is broken. I’m confronting him in the am because I just now found out 1am...