Being with someone if family doesn’t accept you????

I know that you get in a relationship with someone because of the feelings you have for them but not their family...if you ladies get what I mean. My mind has been racing like crazy to the point I’ve been having a crazy headache. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years but recently something came in my boyfriend family and I don’t feel comfortable in my relationship due his family. I know that family is family and I can’t keep him away from them the only thing I could do is not have any communication with them but I shouldn’t feel like that in a relationship. I love my partner so much and we’ve been through some very tough times....mostly health wise and none of our family knows of it but I can’t help but keep repeating it to myself if I should stay with him and try my best to ignore those feelings or take a step back and walk away after 3 years. My heart is torn by the way I feel. Please be nice in the comments.