Should I prepare for another chemical?


I had my FET on 7/9 with an AA embryo. I got my first positive 7dpt. I have experienced 4 chemical pregnancies before so I test to make sure lines are getting darker ( I would love to be one of those people who can test once and believe it but thats never worked before, so I’m jaded)

My lines have never gotten this dark before with previous chemicals, and I was feeling very optimistic, but the last two FRER I took have begun to show little to no line progression, and worse have seemed to me to lighten.

I had my first beta 10dpt and it was 125 which my doctor was happy with. But until I see my HCG double I don’t feel safe.

This is our first Transfer so it feels different than our other chemical pregnancies in the past. I have light period like cramping, which the nurse told me was normal, but no bleeding or spotting. Only other symptom is bad heart burn at night. I got breast sensitivity on my chemicals before but not on this pregnancy. ( maybe cause of the meds? Or from acupuncture?)

I am on progesterone in oil and suppository and estrogen in pill and patches.

(What I’m telling myself to comfort myself - while they are all with FMU - the last two days I have gotten up to pee at 2ish in the morning, then take the test at 6:30 so maybe it’s not as strong? The test on day 9 has turned a darker color (the whole testing field) than what it was originally shown on the day I took it so I’m trying to remember what it looked like then than what it does now (picture below for reference)

I’ve been through this feeling before but never after a transfer. Since I’ve never had test so dark before I don’t know what a chemical starts to looks like over a HCG of 125.

I guess I am just looking for some guidance, and thoughts. I would rather prepare myself for the inevitable than kid myself and be that much more devastated later.

Has anyone had their test remain the same and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?