Reason for concern?

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So I've had no spotting at all this pregnancy. I was camping this weekend and wearing shorts which kept rubbing my lady bits. Well last night and today I've been very itchy, just my vulva area and right before I left to get my genetic testing done I rubbed a bunch to relieve itching with some TP, then put a liner on and left.

At the blood draw station I went to do my urine and I saw pink spotting on my liner. Super light and nothing when I wipe.

I don't have unusual cramping, I'm fact yhe only changes I have is itching (tummy, boobs, and vulva) and worsening nausea. I did contact my OBGYN and sent a photo as well but j needed my comminity. Should I go to the ER for this?

Btw im 11 weeks exactly today.