Will a vbac be possible? (UK based)

Georgia • 💙 23 March 2018 💙 11 September 2020 🇬🇧

I had a growth scan today, I’m currently 32+4, and baby was estimated to already weigh 5 and a half pounds with both his abdominal circumference and head circumference over the 95th centile. I’m not too surprised as my first baby was 9lb 6oz born by section at 38+6 after a failed induction and always plotted above 95th.

All through this pregnancy when speaking to my midwife she’s been encouraging when I’ve said I’d like a vbac, but as I always had the growth scans booked in I have always said I’d see how the pregnancy progresses.

Today when I spoke to the midwife after my scan I asked if this baby continues to plot large would the doctors push for me to have another section. She said that ultimately it would be my decision but they would explain the risks of delivering a large baby, and that I wouldn’t be induced this time so obviously the longer I’m pregnant the larger he will be etc I could just tell by the look she gave that it would be likely they would want me to have a section, especially when she asked if I contracted last time, which I didn’t so don’t have any muscle memory.

Just wondering if anybody has any experience with delivering a larger baby via vbac - good or bad experience? Also any experiences of recovery from multiple sections? Trying to weigh up all the pros and cons and wondering whether I should come to terms with scheduling a section now instead of being disheartened at a later date. Any info would be greatly appreciated!