Probably overreacting but...

Today is just not a good day. I got bad news this morning, my car broke down, started my period 3 days sooner than expected, my toddler has apparently turned her ears off this morning & my husband went into work 2 hours early. Realized about half way through his shift that we were very low on diapers so I asked if there was anyway he could leave 30 minutes early to make it to the store in time to grab them (store closes at 8:30 due to COVID he gets out at 8 & it’s 20 minutes away from the store). It’s 101° here & it’s a 5 mile walk to the store. Not doing that with a toddler & 2 month old.

He says most likely not so I spent a solid 2 hours trying to find a friend available to run out for me since my car is broke down.

I texted him frustrated to the point of tears because of our 2 year old being extra misbehaved today & our 2 month old not letting me put him down without screaming & then he calls an hour later & says “Hey I gotta take a coworker home 15 minutes away because her ride bailed on her.”

Well that’s nice of you & all but our son needs diapers & you can’t leave 30 minutes early to get them but you can drive 15 minutes away from your work (which is about 15 minutes from home) to take a girl you JUST met today home???

I’m just so frustrated. I know these are just minor inconveniences & I’m most likely overreacting but UGH.