Oh man! Am I seeing things or is there a faint line?!

Lauren • 8/17/19 💙 + 3/30/21❤️

My period is due in 2 days. My husband and I decided we were ready to try, so, this was our first month. It took us 12 heartbreaking months to conceive our August 2019 babe. Also, during my csection it was noted I have scaring on my uterus and my left ovary has scaring and is fused to my abdominal wall. In short I found out I have slight endometriosis and it could have played a part in why it took us so long to conceive before.

I’ve been feeling crampy so figured I’d test. I never thought it would happen our first month trying???!

Am I seeing things or is there a faint line? 😭😭

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