Could it be possible that I have ovulated? Thoughts?


Hi ladies,

Any BBT champions in here that might want to evaluate the my chart and tell me what u think?

I’m not 100% sure what’s going on this cycle.

I should be due for my AF today potentially. No spotting which I normally get pre AF.

I had very light spotting on CD 19,20,21, not enough for a liner, and only a few times over those three days, very very light pink. I thought for sure my AF would come early, but nothing yet.

I had some EWCM for the last 2 days, and two small temp rises. FF thought that I may have ovulated on day 14 and gave me dotted cross hairs, in the FAM setting there is no ovulation detected. I was having a steady decline in temps after a few days of rises, was feeling pretty flat about it, do you think it’s possible I might have ovulated yesterday or my body is trying again maybe? I’m probably just holding onto hope lol.

Glow finally gave me a day for ovulation yesterday, I still have had no positive OPK’s.

Glow kept pushing my O day since the 10th of July, so I was surprised that it gave me an O day yesterday with negative OPK’s still.

Thank you!