I am wondering the struggles of interracial relationships where one person is a different race ethnicity. What are your stories

So how do you get through stares or racist in laws, racist friends. I moved into a city where it was only one race and I met someone but his friends saw the photo of me he had as a screensaver and they suggested he date in his own race. They invited him camping but when he invited me they wouldn't text the meetup and were telling him to break it off an they never met me! He broke down crying and said he wants one weekend with us having fun without the bullshit of other people. We would go out and get racist stares and bad attitude and it was hard that his family were also racist told us to break up. We didn't get it we would have so much fun cared about each other so much. I was seeing that his coworkers/friends were setting him up to tempt him to leave or cheat inviting only him to casinos bars house's party's camping but the guys had there significant other w them it was frustrating. I told him we need space a break. How can we get through all of this also what would you do he has had women flirt with him when we are together and when he is alone. Also there have been days when we go out and a guy says dam I don't know how you got so lucky to be with her and he wants to fight with them and I tell him I am with him not looking to cheat. We both want peace. How do I not get jealous too when someone is flirting or women send him friend request Facebook or he checks out women when they wear revealing clothes in the summer how do I deal with it all