Boyfriend doesn’t want baby?

I found out I’m pregnant today. My long term boyfriend talked about having kids with me and said he wanted to try because we were getting engaged. He ejaculated in me during my ovulation and said to my face “I can’t wait till we have kids.” Then 4 days later he started saying that he didn’t want kids and would “ruin his life.” So he insisted I take Plan b and I felt like I had no say. He made me feel like it was my fault for him cumming inside me but he was the one who always brought up kids. I almost broke up with him that night because I was so hurt and he told me that he lied about wanting kids so why would he have done that. He knows that I was raped before and gotten pregnant from that (but had a miscarriage) and I have a lot of trauma from a physically abusive ex, who used to rape me. He knows that sex is a very sensitive topic for me and I trust him so much to even have sex with him. I don’t know why but I feel used and so stupid right now. When I told him he was like “how is this going to affect me??” “I don’t want it” he was worried so much about himself he didn’t ask about how I would feel lol.