In need of advice


Hey ladies! Soo I got out of a relationship a few months ago and feel great. It’s was a long term relationship which just “killed” my soul. After breaking up I feel free. I feel incredible! I just want to have some fun for a while; travel, go back to school maybe, learn different things and meet new people.

My issues right now is that have a co-worker that I think I have a crush on. The thing is that I told him about the crush and he very nicely rejected me saying that he is too toxic for me and that he hasn’t had a relationship in 15 years. Btw he is 11 years older then me. He stopped talking to me how he used to and told me that he doesn’t want to lead me on. So I accepted the rejection but I found myself thinking of him sexually. Like I am very attracted to him like extremely attracted to him. I want to ask him if he’s interested in a hook up. How should I go about that????? Or do you think I should even ask him???? Please help!!!

Also! I have only had sex with one person and this is the first time I ask/tell someone that I want to hook up