I’m a little confused ab my friends

They aren’t there for me when I need help. If they are it’s because we are hanging out and I bring something up, they instantly make the situation about them then eventually I’m helping them with their problems and mine are forgotten.

They don’t reach out these days. They told me that everyone could tell I’ve been acting different and like someone else and they assume it’s because of my family trouble and how this guys been , well consistently sexual assaulting me (even longer story) but that’s all they do. Talk ab how I’m acting weird behind my back. They don’t even help me out or talk to me about it.

To an extent this is not their problem or anything but I thought friends would at least talk to me and try to at least hangout with me a bit more ... or at all. I haven’t seen them in a couple months (I’ve tried to). And I’m the friend they come to for advice and support but when their life is going good... seems like they just ghost.

Maybe it’s because I’m that type of friend, they figure I don’t need help because I have myself ? I’m not sure.

The reasons I’ve stayed in this toxic fwb w this guy is because he does invite me to hangout w him and his friends. And they’re the only ones that are available. And at the end of the day I always feel shit ab myself because of my fwb tearing me down.

Oh and my mom will hang with me when she can but it’s hard because again... fam issues are bad days.. more like years but yeah