Discharge please help ❤️

Hi. My bf and I had sex on the 13th of July. He used protection. And as he pulled out we figured that the condom had broken. And.... I was ovulating on the 13th of July🌸 x

My period is 4 days late. And now I only have a brownish discharge. It comes and gos. But STILL NO PERIOD. I get something similar to menstrual cramps. And my boobs are a tiny bit sore and sensitive.

Do you think I should test ? , How long should I wait ? What does the colour of the discharge mean?

My last period was .. 29thJune till 2nd of July , my next one is totally too late. I didnt gain weight and Ive cancelled out all the other factors which can cause my Period being late.

Please Help Me x ❤️🦋💚