Frey’s mom 🖤 • September rainbow baby girl on the way. 🖤🌈

Is your nursery done? All I have left to do is reorganize clothes because I hate how I organized them, get a foot stool for my rocker, and wait on a small rug for under the reading canopy that I ordered. We made her room more of a room she can grow into vs having to change it. I’m in love. I’ll post pictures after I vacuum, put the big rug down and hang the curtains I just got yesterday. So happy with it. Here’s above her bed thou. ❤️ The stick is actually Styrofoam can’t hurt her say it falls, just piss her off & all the stuffed animals are in her stuffy net.

Here’s her room. ❤️ waiting on some pillow to go under the canopy and a fuzzy rug. We also need a foot support for her rocker. We are in love.