Well i passed all my blood test Monday so im happy about that.

Was worried about not passing mt glucose but i did. :)

Least its one thing i can be happy about this week, my doctors appointments..

I realized lately that unless you have social media then most people don't care to keep up with your or check on you.. which is oke reason i ditched it. Because i keep up with my friends and whats going on without or with social media and i got tired of feeling like if it wasn't for social media no one would keep in touch or up to do date on my life.

And it kind of made me sad because the people closest to me know that today is my birthday.. but i haven't gotten one person saying happy birthday... i know it's not a big deal really and i hate my birthday anyway but it would be nice if at least one person would say happy birthday.. least i got to spend the day feeling my baby girl kicking today ❤

I know its my pregnancy hormones that got me extra emotional about it... but happy 22nd birthday to me. 😂😂😂 thats it i iust needed to vent a little.