24 Hour urine test


Hey ladies. I’m 36+2. I was admitted to L&D last night to do a 24 hour urine test for my blood pressure being high. I have a BP monitor at home and it’s been consistently high so my doc told me to go in. I get there and it stays in the 150/90+ range so they have me stay for the 24 hours. No big deal. Well over night it’s pretty normal. It was around 130/70 for most of the night. It started to climb back up a little bit this afternoon but they discharged me. I got home, and I’m feeling slightly light headed, a little dizzy and kind of weak. I’ve been drinking lots of water and I’ve eaten today. I guess what my question is, if you had to do the test and your BP stayed in a good range, due to resting in bed the whole time, did you end up getting diagnosed with Preeclampsia?