Should I report my classmate that's cheating?

So I have a classmate that is cheating. I normally mind my own business but we are in nursing school so I feel like I have a certain responsibility because you know, SHE COULD KILL SOMEONE.

She was cheating in the last class (she lied about needing surgery so she could postpone the midterm and had another student who took it first give her the answers) and she also managed to save all the questions from the other exams (since everything is online she apparently recorded herself taking all the other exams on the computer and used them to prepare for the final)

I decided to not say anything because everything I had known about was gossip and hearsay from the other classmates. (Seriously, if you're going to cheat don't tell your friends in class about it) She was also barely passing so I didn't think she'd make it. Well we're about to start the next class and somehow she made it. (She got a 76%. 75% is a failing grade) and I just found out through another classmate that she purchased an answer key to one of our work books that this class has assignments out of.

So the thing is is that I don't have any proof besides texts from another classmate telling me about her cheating. The other thing is when you have to take a board exam to get your nursing license, so even if she manages to graduate she may not be able to become a nurse. But honestly, she's has such an attitude and is so lazy I'm terrified of her somehow passing and being a nurse. I'm really conflicted because I don't want to cause drama and make things worse for myself, but I also don't want it to come out that I knew and didn't report her. Sorry if this is all over the place. I've been conflicted about it all summer. 😥