I am my side dude's side chick.

You know there's always that someone whom you feel like you have an unfinished business with. And even if you're happy, you end up thinking about what ifs, just because you never got the chance, or because you gave up to soon.

There was this guy that I fooled around with after my 5 year relationship ended. I met him before I met my current bf, and we kinda clicked. Good life plans and all, and we would have made a pretty awesome team. The thing is, he's the kind of guy who would ask you how you were, make plans with you, make feel like you are part of the future and all that.. (at 2am in the morning).

I chose to not go along with it. Because I did not want my life to be too complicated, besides medschool is hard enough. Why make life harder right?

So fast forward to 5 years.The guy reconnected, and we talked as if it was just yesterday, and we were back to making plans and shit. Try to make time to catch up.. The thing is.. he has a gf. And I have a bf. It is wrong in all whichever way you look at it.

Good thing the world is literally stopping me, like emergency schedule changes, colds?!, colleagues in quarantine.. which makes it impossible to push through.

I'm older and I should know better, right? Right. I have to stop before I get in too deep. And shut these what ifs up. Because that's just what they're supposed to be.

So kids, when in doubt.. do not reconnect. Do not reply.