what just happened? 🤯


So this is baby number two for me. I know about the lightening crotch but this WAS NOT that. I don’t know what the hell this just was... I just got a huge random Stab feeling in my vag I mean I have never in my life had what I just felt and it hurt so bad like burned almost like and then I heard a pop in there and I was like omg so I stood up to see if something would leak out and nothing did. I’m 3cm dilated and 40% effaced as well as of last time I was checked. And im getting checked today to see if I’m around a 4 if I am she wants to induce me before having to leave before my husband and I have to make this 15 hour trip to move back to our duty station super early Monday morning. but has anyone experienced what I just described I literally thought that was it and if this baby isn’t coming today on her own mannn that was just crazy 😱