Feeling loved! 🥰


Today is my husband and I’s 4yr wedding anniversary. 🥳 We’ve been together like 6 1/2 years. He asked me last week if he needed to get me anything for our anniversary. I said no, 1) bc we’re about to have a baby any day now and I’ve bought so much stuff in the last few months. 2) we always just buy whatever so don’t really exchange gifts much...or really I don’t get him anything unless I find something super unique or that he’d actually want. He’s hard to buy for and never wants gifts.

I did mention jokingly that I do need a push present, which of course he’s never heard of and we laughed about it. 😆

So...I totally wasn’t expecting anything but he did what he always does and got me something even when I say no! I cried! Nothing big but very thoughtful. Here’s my anniversary/push present! 🥰🥰