I’m not quite certain what to do.. *MAID OF HONOR ISSUES UPDATE

My brother is getting married and his fiancée asked me to be maid of honor, like right after he proposed haha. I said yes

I love her but... am having some issues

She recently made a cha5 with me, her, and her 3 bridesmaids.

In planning the bachelorette party, I was planning on a quiet night, cause that’s the gurl I know now. She likes to watch movies, drink a little, and relax. I had planned a drinking game with wine, a bunch of movies, and some other things. However, apparently she used to be a wild partier. they plan on drinking, getting high, ordering strippers and, while that sounds fun, I’m not into any of it at all, and felt very uncomfortable with being in that environment.

I talked to the bride and asked what she’d want, and she’s wants a wild party. She knows it’s not my scene so she just said not to come. I then texted the iris about it and they said the same thing. I’m okay with that, I don’t wanna ruin her night.

Today the girl’s want to do a day were we can hang out and meet, and I was for it, until they decided to do the same stuff as the bachelorette party.

I havnt said anything because I really don’t know what to do.

I’ve been super involved in the wedding, just as much as the bride, and these girls don’t even know the theme, so stepping out feels wrong.

However, I also don’t feel comfortable hanging out with these girls.

She hasnt seen these girls in a while, like a year.

What would you guys do?

I know bachelorette parties are supposed to be wild, but... is this okay?


So they planned a day to do the exact same thing as the bachelorette party

I told the ride, again, that I wasn’t okay with doing this stuff and she pretty much, in a nice way, told me to suck it up.

It went from us 5 to 10+ people. I forgot to mention I’m 21 and these girls or 23+ with children and are married, except the bride or course.

They seemed okay with me not coming, at least the bride, but my brother decided to say something to her after my mom talked to him. It was only then she got involved and suggested on another day we go to a restaurant, but the girls don’t like that idea because they don’t wanna get sick. 🙄

I’d respect that is it wasn’t for this massive gathering.

Now they are moving it outside and want me to come but it wasn’t the issue at all so nothing was fixed

I’ve decided to talk to her and see if maybe I can be my brothers “best girl”, as that was the original plan and he has no one in his party