Trigger Warning- Need Advice

Trigger Warning- Pregnancy, TTC

Was trying TTC for two and a half years. Finally got pregnant (15 weeks). Now I have to tell two people close to me, who have TTC for 5+ years and around 10 years. I’m heartbroken for them. I remember how I felt and it’s not compared to them. Both suffered multiple miscarriages and still want to be moms (even though one is no longer trying). I remember being so devastated and confused with each announcement for myself. I was so excited for them. But, just broken inside. TTC and Infertility take a mental toll on a person.

What is the best way to tell them? think I would prefer to know via text. But, is that too rude? And I don’t know what to even say. Don’t even want to announce it or address it on Facebook. Emotionally, I’m excited but also a wreck. Both personally and having to share the news with them. The last thing I want them to do is have to comfort me, because I’m hormonal and falling apart.