Bleeding still at 2 months pp?

Hi, I need some advice please as I'm driving myself nuts!

I'm still bleeding after an emergency c section at 2 months pp. It's turned bright red again but is mixed with tonnes of egg white cervical mucus. I've never had a stop in bleeding since the birth, it's just changed from a light brown colour to more fresh blood.

It's only light bleeding however, more speckled in the mucus rather than period blood. At times it all appears orange.....

I'm at a loss what to do and worrying myself about it. I've had no support from midwife's / docs pp due to covid restrictions and as this is my third baby I've been through pp bleeding before, just never had this happen. I've never had a c section before however.

Can anyone help put my mind at rest please? It's been going on over a week and my underwear feels soaking all the time.

Thanks in advance x