What to do about JOB!?!

So I’ve been working for a private law firm for about a year. My boss is well.. bossy.. as most lawyers are. Not very family oriented and if I take a day off it doesn’t go well.

But regardless of that I still come to work everyday, I’m never late. Even when my kids are sick or I’m sick I still come in just to try to make her happy. I even came back after 4 weeks PP from having my son because she said if I took off any longer it would be the death of her.

Well we’ve been super busy in trial and such and I forgot to log my time this pay period. No worries cause it’s just on a piece of paper. BUT I forgot I was off a day because she asked me to go get COVID testing and not come back until I get my results. Like okay totally understand. But when I was doing my time sheets I accidentally put I was there ( she checks all my time sheets) and she caught it and was like “oh remember you weren’t here this day” and I was like “ OH YEAH! I’m so so sorry! I totally forgot, it’s been a crazy few weeks.” And she said “no worries! I’ll just change it.”

THEN she leaves for lunch and I get a text from her... and it wasn’t supposed to go to me. It was a text talking bad about me about how I put an extra day down to be paid when I wasn’t there and how I was trying to deceive her.

Which wasn’t the case at all.

So question- if you got a text like that.. what would you do? I’m good at my job and I rarely mess up. But the one time I do it’s bad. (She also has a forgiveness loan from the bank to cover my wages so they will pay if I’m out for Covid testing anyways)

I just don’t like how I literally give this job everything trying to make her happy and the one time I mess up she talks bad about me to her friend? Idk it just doesn’t sit right with me.