Getting back with a cheater


So my boyfriend and I did long distance for majority of our relationship. Once COVID hit, it was really hard because we couldn’t see one another in person for months. In May, he ended up kissing another girl then breaking up with me that night. He said he didn’t cheat but the truth came out about a month ago. Ever since then, we have both been single but he has constantly been trying to get me back. This past weekend, he showed up at my doorstep and asked me to dinner and we spent the weekend together. He kept saying how he would never hurt me or do that again. I don’t want to be with him right now because I think I just need some alone time, but I keep having this feeling that I should be with him again one day, like this love is meant for me. But maybe I’m being naive thinking he will never hurt me again? Idk my head is all over the place