Not interested in food

April • Austin 💙 2/4/2020

Really just looking to see if anyone is in the same boat. LO is 6 months old today (😭). I’ve been trying food (homemade and store bought purée) sporadically since about 4.5 months and he doesn’t like anyyyyyything. Spits it out and looks at me like wtf is this??

I’ve also tried starting some formula about a week ago as I only intended to EBF for 6 months, a goal I’m proud to have reached. He absolutely HATES it. I’ve tried giving literally 80% breastmilk with a little formula to ease him in but he’s not having it. I’ve tried Enfamil and Happy Baby Organic.

Anyone else in a similar boat? Or anyone have tips for getting baby interested in something besides the boob? I know if I don’t offer anything else he would obviously eventually take formula but I don’t really feel comfortable with that approach.

I do plan to try baby led weaning for the food to see if that makes a difference. But obviously still need to give him milk or formula.

Thanks in advance!!