Help with colostrum expression


Hi everyone,

I am 38 weeks pregnant and trying to put myself in the best position for breastfeeding success. I had an extremely low supply with my first daughter and we ended up being required to supplement with formula starting on Day 3. She was also borderline on needing light treatment for jaundice. She was born at 40w +3d. It took me several weeks of grueling pumping and using a supplemental nursing system to get my supply up enough to exclusively breast feed. I had tremendous support from some awesome lactation consultants which was great.

I discussed with my midwife beginning to express colostrum if possible so I could supplement with it in the hospital, and also to try to get my body going in the production factory. She was supportive and gave me the go ahead to try. I used a breast pump initially, but after 5 days of pumping 3x/day and getting nothing I decided to try hand expression. I can get 1-3 drops of colostrum from each breast this way but it’s difficult and somewhat painful. I really have to actually pinch my nipple to get anything out. I’ve watched a bunch of YouTube videos and read a bunch of articles but those techniques do not produce anything.

Does anyone know anything else I could try? Tips and tricks? Or is there an online class or even a consultant I could work with? I’m interested in trying anything that’s safe.