i really am sorry that im posting so damn much


someone just tell me to stfu already

ok so it's been almost 8 days since unprotected sex, my period was due on saturday and there's still no sign of AF. ive been having like weird bubbly feeling in my uterus area but i think it's just trapped gas because it kind of hurts my belly sometimes

again, for the 2 people whos feed i haven't invaded, the guy didn't cum and i was in my non fertile week - 4 days away from my period

it's too early for symptoms, right? ive been kind of constipated and the bubbling is the only thing really ive been feeling but it's constant. i had diarrhea like a day before i became constipated

im gonna test if it hasn't come by saturday, but what do yall actually think? does it sound like anythings happening yet or am i being really, really dramatic?

thank you ladies, im so sorry again for posting

so i managed to use the toilet and im no longer really feeling it, just very bloated :) sorry again