Not giving up hope


So today we went to see our beautiful baby boy Anthony jr and the doctor says that he is on almost everything they can do for him and just want to prepare us if he starts to get worst it's not much they can do as he is already on so much support it's like I heard the word he was saying but I couldn't understand what he was trying to say as a mother I will never give up hope that he will b better mind you it's only been 13 days since he been here a little back story he was born at 35 weeks and 5 days after I went in for a lack of movement he was born with no heartbeat we never held him seen him with his eyes open or heard him cry for the first 10 days he was having stable vital signs and they were able to bring him down from 100%to 54 % on the oscillator which is a heavy-duty ventilator and bring down his co2 to 2% his kidney are functioning but not at a 100% it's just alot but for the last couple of days his blood pressure been going down and they had to up his meds for that and he has had less urine output then he been having other days and I understand as doctors they have to try to prepare for everything but I just feel like he been doing so good and I get that they're doing almost everything but but he's entitled to a rough day every day is not going to be great progress but I don't know I guess I just felt like they was trying to tell me prepare for the worst but I'm extremely spiritual and I believe God will bring my baby through this just looking for a little support and some words of wisdom from some of you ladies that possibly been through the same thing or is going through this now and I'm praying for every NICU mom and every NICU baby and all mothers going through a hard time with their babies God will bring us through this and bring our babies home 100% healthy