Broke up with him

I feel like I’m dying inside. Idk how to get passed this pain. I’m 18 and I’ve been with him almost 3 years. Our anniversary is like 10 days away. He told me that because of feeling “depressed” it’s what made him mean and distant. He’d ignore my texts and calls. Has barely said a sentence to me in days and after work instead of coming to see me he goes to his friends house when he wasn’t “well enough” to come see me or even text me. I text him a paragraph about how we need to communicate and his response was “idk.” So I call him and ask him if he even wants me and he says idk. He couldn’t even answer the question. I broke it off right then and there. He texted twice and called but I’m over it. He doesn’t love me. Someone give me advice to help my pain.