Influenza & pneumonia


I’m on immune-suppressants and unfortunately caught influenza. I had the flu shot not long ago so my symptoms have surprisingly been tolerable this time. (I got the COVID test and it was negative, so it definitely isn’t that).

Last year when I had the flu, I was in ICU and developed pneumonia, but I was being ventilated and was rarely awake enough to pay attention to what I felt like. By the time I was completely awake and aware enough of how I felt and my surroundings, I felt pretty fine, just some shortness of breath (which I get with my chronic lung condition anyway).

I remember before being in hospital, influenza gave me a nasty cough and chest congestion. (Sorry for gross details) But this time I have chest congestion again, but it’s very thick mucous that rarely moves when I cough, but rattles deep in my chest when I breathe.

(I know I shouldn’t rely on medical advice from here, I’m not, I just want to hear other’s experiences). I have a minor surgery tomorrow in hospital tomorrow so I’m going to be assessed regardless.

How would I know the difference if it was developing into pneumonia? My other symptoms are going away, just the lung-related symptoms aren’t.