Quitting my at home daycare job.

Hello everyone, I watch two kids from my

Home. Ages 4 and 1. I also have four of my own. Ages 13,9,7,2.Depending on what my state decides to do with school this year which most likely looks like two days in schools 3 days home for distant learning. I think I will need to take the time away from watching the other kids to focus on my own kids and what they need from me for school and everything else in life. What is the best way to do this. In person, through text.. any advice on what to say or

How To start the conversation. I hate doing stuff like this to people and I’ve been stressing for weeks knowing this is going to have to come up. Also due to the Circumstances I believe they would be more understanding..would you understand if you were the parent. I want to get this to them now so they can have time to figure out a new sitter.