I can’t do it anymore

Whole heartedly today I went for my 9 week scan and the tech couldn’t find anything on the ultrasound for five minutes and she said I had to take a pregnancy test and it came back not pregnant so I guess I’m must’ve lost it has anyone dealt with insensitive clinic staff?

This being lost number eight in the last three years and I practically have no one because my best friend is pregnant and thinks the sun shines out of her ass and she told me that when the time is right it will just happen and to just carry on. I can’t find the words to say to her I can’t and I want to give up because I’m so sick of the loss and the hurt and the pain that I have to go through every single time. how do you deal with it because I’ve tried for the past seven times.

I tried but this time it just feels really bad because I think I’ve gotten pasta regular time that I normally lose and I finally got happy and I got my registry gifts and stuff all set and now I’ve got to go into a room and see pure pain and disappointment cause I wont be bringing a baby home anymore how do you deal with this and what do you do