Am I just nice or stupid for this?

Question: I live in a community where drugs and homeless people are all over the place. Sometimes I feel the urge to help someone off the street and I do, because they are very nice and polite...not asking for a handout just clearly in need of help. But everytime I have done this, they tell me a little about themselves.....and sometimes I realize they have no intention of bettering themselves. I don’t give anyone money but I’ve bought food and clothes.... and like twice I’ve given a stranger a ride (I don’t do that anymore) lol but do their choices make them any less worthy of help? For instance.... I don’t know how to feel after I use my hard earned money, to buy someone a necessity... and when I am offering advice on where they can find a job they are completely uninterested. And they are honest that any money they do get, is used for drugs. I am conflicted because I don’t understand why people don’t want to better their lives.... but maybe they honestly can’t ? Just looking for perspectives on this subject