Im currently 11dpt. On my 4dpt i tested positive on a clearblue digital and also a faint line on a regular clearblue test. I went in for my Beta on my 9dpt but the day before i had some bloody discharge in the morning. I immediately broke down thinking i was having a miscarriage. I stayed home relaxed i had no pain and there was no more blood. And it wasn’t bright red either but more of a mixture but def more red than pink. I told the nurse that did my blood test and she stated that is normal and that is actually a good sign. I was scared for the call that afternoon but they said my Beta was 300 and that it was great, im due to go back in a week. Yesterday i had some more bloody discharge this time it was a little more, took more than one wipe to stop. It was in the afternoon only. Now this afternoon i go to the bathroom to do my 2nd Endometrin insert of the day and i always pee first when i wiped it was pink. I inserted the pill and noticed pink discharge in the little stick. I had some light cramping and some sharp twitches not painful just noticeable. Has anyone experience this and had a successful pregnancy. Im so scared and devastated that this did not work and the only reason i haven’t miscarried is because of the medications. Im also on estrace 1 1/2 twice a day and 1LM PIO shots.