Our announcement!

Mrs. Leah Margaret • SPIRITUAL MOMMA 🕯4 babies to hold, 4 to watch over us, #5 on the way, EDD 02-08-21⭐YOU create your perfect life.

We are gamers and last Halloween we actually dressed up as Borderland NPC's (non-playable Characters).

(Our announcement was actually a GIF but Glow won't allow me to post it so here's one photo and the ultrasound we had at the end of the GIF)

Player 4 🎮

💥"spawning"💥into the family.

Currently In development. 🔒

Release date February 08th, 2021.💣

Gender Achievement Locked (until further notice)🤫

*Player one: Craig Vincent Bursey

*Player two: Leah Margaret Bursey

*Player Three: Solaria Rayne Bursey

*Player four: player name to be decided