Has Anyone Given Birth While Sick With Covid?


My husband got his results today and he does in fact have Covid. I had my son and I tested and we should have results by Friday.

My OB advised me to stay away from my husband (thank god, LOL just kidding!) and isolate for 14 days (from onset of husband’s symptoms) other than appointments.

My husband will not be allowed in the delivery room if he’s still showing symptoms when I go into labor. If his symptoms are gone, he will be allowed in. 🤞🏼 He first started showing symptoms this past Saturday and his fever broke Sunday night into Monday. Currently he has a sore throat and he’s congested. Nothing major.

I’m hoping my test comes back negative, along with my son’s considering he’s not even 13 months and I have to take care of him, can’t avoid him! 🙃

If you’ve given birth while sick with Covid, how was your experience? If you have yet to give birth, what is your OB’s/hospital’s procedure? Thanks!