My boyfriend has a CRAZY ex (rant)

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year but I’ve known him since 8th, so like 5-6 years. When we first got together and announced that we were together his most recent ex popped up out of no where trying to start a bunch of shit. First she was trying to send me screenshots of conversations they had MONTHS before we got together and say that it was recent and they were still together. (I know the conversations were months old bc my boyfriend showed me the time stamps on his phone of the same conversations on the screenshots.) She tried saying he rigged them to look older which makes no sense. When this didn’t work she tried getting my boyfriend cousin that she’s friends w to message him and tell him he should get back w her, that he’ll never find anybody as good as her, and that I’m not good enough for him. This also didn’t work and he ended up blocking her. Then out of nowhere his exes guy friend starts messaging me telling me that i deserve better than my boyfriend and saying he thought I was beautiful. Tried telling me that my boyfriend is probably going to cheat on me and that I should cheat on him first. Just a bunch of crazy shit. I ended up telling my boyfriend everything he said and blocked him. They’ve also been making fake Facebook accounts and messaging me saying my boyfriend is cheating on me w them, and I’m not stupid I know what a fake account looks like lmao. They’ve done this once a month for like 4 months in the beginning of our relationship. It got to the point where I get anxiety every time I get a message request. Besides this I live w him and he’s never on his phone legit all he does is sleep and play video games lol. Besides that, he keeps his phone around me and lets me use it when I ask, I don’t think a cheater would do that.. His ex has even had her friends put laugh reacts on all his posts w me, she also tried to get random friends of hers to message him and see if he’ll cheat on me, of course he hasn’t. She’s even as fucking crazy to the point where she’s DATING HIS EX FROM HIGH SCHOOL! She thinks dating his other ex girlfriend is going to make him jealous and want to go back to her. Before she started all this shit she even tried to get us to be in an open relationship w her, which is definitely not my thing, especially not w crazy bitches. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve called her out several times on her dumb shit and she tries to deny it all. Now she’s so mad that she made a huge Facebook status about how my boyfriend is an alcoholic and his whole family is on drugs. I’ve seen him drink 3 times since being together and I’ve never seen him drunk, I only know of one family member he’s had who struggled w addiction and she’s clean now. She also said he has 3 baby mommas and left them all, also a lie lmao. She even tried saying she feared for her life being w him bc he’s physically abusive and that he raped her. This pisses me off the most bc like I said, I’ve known him 5-6 years. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone a women. Hes never raised his voice around me let alone his hand. She also admitted the rape part was a lie to his cousin and said she only said that bc she would like to see him in jail for breaking up w her, SHES INSANE. Legit every other post on her Facebook is about how much she hates my boyfriend, but yet she’s trying to beak us up and wanted to get back w him?

I just needed to rant.. I’m angry and don’t know what to think.