ANY1 relate ... ?

First off, HEALTH ANXIETY SUCKS!!! I can’t wait for the day I get to beat it to the curve and live a normal, relaxed life.

So I’ve had this throat pain for about 3 months. It’s on the left side only, along with ear pain on both ears. (Burning sensation ear pain?) On and off, for 3 months.

Not COVID. Already got tested for it multiple times as anything throat related is COVID in the medical world *rolling eyes*. I also have phlegm in throat.

Could it be allergies? Could it be something totally treatable and my mind is thinking the worst?

I’ve checked my lyhmph nodes and I don’t feel anything. Not sure if i’m checking them right but i feel like if they were swollen, I would feel them.

Suffering from HA is the worst, because my mind is going down the dark rabbit hole of sinister reasons and Google is my enemy right now.

Anyone else who has had similar symptoms please share your story because HA is taking over right now.

Already made an appointment with doctor, 4 weeks out until they can see me. Until then, I rely on forums.