How long would you let someone from your family or your husband's family stay with you?

My husband and I got into a huge argument because I told him that our marriage will suffer and probably end if we let his sister stay with us for 3 years or so because privacy is very important to me. He got so mad and called me selfish for saying that..Mind you his sister is a grown woman and she has her own family kids in their mid twenties and such. His sister is like a mom to him. And I told him I would help her if she is in dire need but she constantly makes bad decisions and have her priorities wrong and that's why she is always asking for money. I told him that I'm grateful that we are stable financially and that I would prefer helping her in other ways than to stay with us for years. Like for example I told him that we can let her live in our other house with a cheaper rent and or any rent for a few months until she can get herself financially stable..I said I could handle a year for her to stay with us and get financially stable and that is me compromising a lot. I also told him that it would be the same for my family. I'm very protective of my privacy and,my life, and our marriage. And I just don't like the idea of someone living with us. Am I really selfish? It hurt me that he called me selfish because that I know I'm not.

Please let me know your opinion and or experiences.

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