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Hey guys!

so I’m new this is my first post and I was just wandering if I am overthinking it not because I know that I have to wait a few more days to test:

So me and my man had sex about 8 times during ovulation..I don’t know if that matters or not but whatever.

Around 5dpo I started to get cold like symptoms such as a lot of sneezing and stuffy/runny nose.( which could possibly be allergies)

This lasted until 8dpo

For some reason since 8dpo I was extremely thirsty and I usually don’t crave water but I drank about 3 liters of water at night and craved that same amount the next day.

I have had both white creamy CM and some clear CM after peeing.

I also have been extremely gassy which is super rare for me and I know it’s TMI but I have been pooping 3-5 times a day and that is rare as well. I have had a lot of acid reflux yesterday and today as well as some uterus pressure that lasted for about a hour and I am now 11DPO.

I’m really hoping I’m not getting to excited and that I’m not sick. I have been praying to be pregnant and would love some feedback because I don’t know what I’m doing or if these are even symptoms at all. PLEASE HELP !!!! Any input would be great!!!!