Please help me understand how to handle this.

I have been dating someone a while now and have, on multiple occasions, caught him ogling other women. Its not just an innocent glance or appreciation of beauty. It’s been to the point where he was in mid sentence talking to me and lost his words because an ass was in sight:/ He engages in flirting with waitresses and I could go on.

I did some reading about this and the suggestion was to be honest about how it makes me feel - in the moment- so I did just that. I said “I feel disrespected when you feel the need to look at other women. If the shoe were on the other foot would you like it?” ((I gave examples of a guy like Tom Selek walking by with his chest out or his short short denim cutoffs with his thighs blazing. (Best I could think of lol))

He flipped out. Called me a liar. Grabbed my face and shoved me Back. Said I was “demented” :(

I have no clue what to say or