HELP!!!! Bleeding after sex - 7 months postpartum


Hi girls.

I need help!!!! I recently had my baby 7 months ago in January, in February I got the Implant put in.

For the past 4/5 months I had bleeding, like a period and was thinking it was my body readjusting to after child birth (emergency section) and the implant being put in, last week the bleeding stopped for the 2nd time. So at like month 4 it stopped for a few days then carried on for the next month, then it stopped around Tuesday the 28th August. Now I’ve been having sex with my boyfriend in between these times. But I’ve started to notice now that, after we have sex I’m bleeding afterwards!! I’m just worried on why I’m bleeding so much, especially after having sex. What does this mean??? Has anyone else experienced this????

I’ve went to Dr Google which is of course the wrong thing cause now I’ve scared myself 😩😩 can someone just give me some peace of mind if they’ve experienced this???

Is my body still readjusting??? Is there something wrong with me???? Should I be having sex?????