Birth story!


Alright so this is gonna be a long one!

First off we tried for this little man for 4 in a half years with no luck and then after doing keto for 6 months and giving up we were surprised with a positive test!

I went in at exactly 37 weeks at midnight to get induced. (The 11th of June) Being a type 1 diabetic and struggling with insulin resistance they wanted him to come as soon as I hit “term”. At midnight they checked me and I was only a one and he had not dropped yet. After getting my two IVs in. I needed two because I had to be on insulin as well as the other meds and insulin isn’t compatible with very many meds in the same IV (which took about 2 hours because they blew 6 veins.) they put the cervix softener pill in, they take about 4 hrs. They had to do two rounds which finally got me to a 3. Then came the cervix balloon! It got me to a 5 which then she came in and broke my water & started pitocin! The water breaking was crazy! There was so much of it lol it really caught me off guard because I didn’t have that much with my daughter! The pitocin and water breaking made my contractions hurt like hell so I went ahead and got the epidural which I was skeptical about because the epidural did not work at all for me with my daughter but thankfully it worked with my son! I still labored for awhile because my son would not come down, once he finally did it was all such a rush! & the epidural stopped working on my right side because my son was stuck on my hip! I pushed for 5 mins and he made his arrival! He had bad bruising on his should that was stuck on my hip and around his forehead because he was stuck mid-push waiting for a contraction! I had the biggest scare when he was born because he wasn’t breathing and once they finally got him to cry it was the biggest relief! Anyways 25 hours later we had a gorgeous little boy at 1:10 A.M June 12th weighting 7 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long!

My blood sugars stayed in target the whole time which was amazing that we were able to control them during labor. I had a second degree tear which was the least of my concerns after labor because about 30 mins after he was born I had the strongest urge to pee and I couldn’t fully pee. I remember sitting on the toilet for 2 hrs only to pee a little. By about 5 in the afternoon the urge to pee and the feeling of being full was unbearable.. they did a bladder scan and I have 1200 ml of urine in my bladder and my bladder was on the verge of exploding! They had to put a catheter back in (with no numbing, hurts like hell) and I had to keep it over night. In the morning they took it out and gave me 4 hours to fully empty my bladder on my own.. well I had only peed about 150 mls in that 4 hrs so they did another scan and I had 700 mls in my bladder that wouldn’t empty. This time they had to straight cath me (which hurts even worse) to drain my urine and gave me another shot to empty my bladder on my own and pass two bladder scans at less then 150 mls in my bladder (considered an empty bladder) needless to say at that point I was terrified to drink anything but finally passed! They said my bladder didn’t want twant to wake up from the epidural. My son had to spend two days under the blue light! But weare all healthy and happy now!