Sleep routine all messed up? Any other mamas?

Ash • Married 💍

My LO has recently started staying up in bed for around 2 hours before falling asleep! I put her down between 8-8.30 and have done since she was about 5/6 months. She learnt how to put hersf to sleep (sometimes with a little cry or two) but we always got there in the end. Only times i give her an extra rock or two is if she is teething or sick. Recently i have been doing everything the same - dinner, bath/shower, milk. Run around for around 20/30 as she usually does a poop after her milk and then cuddles and down in her cot. Shes always played a little in her cot before falling asleep. Sometimes a hour max. But she now she isnt falling asleep until 10/10.30. Somestimes she will just happily play and i can hear her on the monitor and sometimes she will moan abit if shes thrown her pacifier or teddy over the cot. Last night she was awake until 11.45pm! She is definately tired enough by the time i put her down as she is a little cranky and rubbing her eyes. Then she wakes up at like 7ish so really shes not getting loads of sleep and sometimes stays cranky through the day.

Sidenote: i know the weathers been warmer, shes wearing cooler clothes, the room is always cool sometimes with a fan and shes full, changed and sleepy. But wont sleep!

Any others mamas noticed a change in sleep patterns or routines? Advice pls!