Asking doctor for induction

Okay, so I have been having contractions that are picked up by the monitors for the last two weeks and false labor contractions for the past month and am in so much pain what seems like 24/7 and barely sleeping.

I brought up an induction to my OB last week because I was in L&D a few days prior and the on call OB told me if it was her she would have scheduled one for me already. My doctor didn’t seem to support it that much but I am absolutely miserable.

How would you approach it with your OB? Or if you have how can I articulate this to her since I feel like I already have.

I am completely thankful to be carrying this little guy and the blessing that is it but I don’t know how much more I can take mentally and physically.

I’m 38 weeks tomorrow as well so hoping he comes naturally but I am just so tired and hurting 😭

thank you for coming to my late pregnancy ted talk.